Yiyou content management system is famous for its many templates, easy optimization and open source. It is not only a cutting-edge PHP open source website management system in China, but also a PHP CMS system highly praised by users. After years of development, the current version has made considerable development and progress in terms of function and background ease of use, The main target users of the free version of eyoucms are targeted at groups with enterprise site building needs. Of course, there are also some individual users and schools using the system.

Enterprise websites, whether large or small and medium-sized enterprises, use the network to transmit information, which improves the efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises to a certain extent. Eyoucms website construction system is suitable for all types of websites. What is eyoucms? Eyoucms is a free and open source content management system. It is a content publishing system (CMS) that can be used independently. In China, eyoucms belongs to people's favorite CMS system.

Government agencies, through the establishment of government portals, are conducive to the integration of various information and resources, and strengthen contact and communication between the government and the public, so that the government can work faster, more convenient and more effectively.

Educational institutions, through the introduction of network information, make information transmission among educational institutions, within educational institutions and among educators, and comprehensively improve the level of educational websites.

Our vision: to become a leader in the template site construction industry

Enterprise mission: let the world have no difficult websites

Enterprise values: embrace change and create value!